Insulin not bringing my blood sugar DOWN?

Nope, I was just contributing my own experiences to the thread. The OP is @Anonymous_A. Looks like they haven’t been on this site since April.

so i only been, on my pump for, a month, but i find, out my site, was my big Problem, took about, 10 to 20 hours, for my blood sugar to skyrocket, & only after i put a new pod, on it will come down, i also find out, sometime, if i ues my arm for my site it won’t work, but anywhere but my arm will,. but it looks like the op, have not been on for a long time, so i don’t know if they will see this,.

well i hope this will help someone

Ok this is going to sound conspiratorial but I need to say something about this because I’m scared if I’m right then others might be suffering as I have.

I am beginning to suspect that my “diabetes” is being triggered by other things besides food and carbs. I was not diagnosed with either type 1 or type 2 diabetes. As a matter of fact my doctor said the same thing! It’s an unknown diabetes!

I went to the hospital for insulin resistance for the first time in my life AFTER TAKING ANTI HISTAMINES FOR A WEEK. I nearly died of dehydration. I didn’t know what was wrong with me because I had never had diabetes symptoms before. After a week they let me go and I went home and took the medicine and took carbs out of my diet and got under control of my blood sugar.

Now here’s the thing, after a certain point I started to experiment. I would eat various things and see how it would effect my blood sugar. After a few months I realized that I could eat even ice cream and different things and it would not spike my levels. I even stopped taking the medication and after a while I saw that my blood sugar was leveled with out any medication at all. I was good for months.

Then, because there was no reason for me to think that these things were related, I took another pill, sleep aids by the same company who made the anti histamines again AND NOW MY BLOOD SUGAR IS STUCK AT 300!

So I started to take the medication again, metformin, glimepride and insulin… Nothing!! Nothing short of starving myself! The thing that gets me is I don’t even eat that much! And why is it that this never happens to me unless I take these pills?

My hypothesis is that because antihistamines work as a hormone blocker, perhaps it is actually blocking my insulin also! But I don’t know why the sleep aid would do that. So I started asking around and it turns out I am not alone! I’ve heard stories of other people that take pills that work on a hormonal level causing diabetes symptoms!

So I’m saying that people need to be VERY CAREFUL because it’s not just food that causes this problem! I hate to say I think doctors know this but I don’t know why they wouldn’t say something.

Because my blood sugar levels never had a problem before these pills AND my blood sugar levels have not changed despite what I eat and since starting the insulin again!! Beware of over the counter medication! I’m so sure that this is what is causing the reaction in my body!

Not saying that it’s not food for other people but IT COULD BE A COMPOUNDING ISSUE. CAREFUL!!

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Hey family, I am a type one since 6 years old. I just made a video on YouTube to share what I do to control my blood sugar on daily basis. This is just my opinion but it works and I hope it might help others also. It’s my first video on YouTube. So please be kind to me, I am sure there are mistakes and errors. Hopefully I will get better.

Big hugs to everyone!

I found out I was extremely low vitamin D and I found out that with it being that low it can cause your insulin not to work as well and contributes to higher readings and resistance so have you had your vitamins levels checked ? Maybe if they are low taking 5000 units a day would help.