INSULIN ON ICE: Day 2 - How Much Water?

Day 2:
I can't help thinking of some basic things that won't go away in my head...

It takes 4 gallons of water just to flush the toilet. So far, the toilet has been flushed at least 4 times... (that's 16 gallons used out of 50). It makes me wish I had paid more attention to those low-flush toilets...that only use 2.5 or less gallons of water per flush.

A case of water, which is 24 half-liter bottles, doesn't even yield enough to flush the toilet once.

It only takes approximately 1-2 bottles of water to thoroughly wash up once each day. I all of a sudden have been thinking how much water is wasted in a long, leisurely shower. Normally my showers only take 5 minutes, but that's still a lot of water used. I wonder how much water is used in a 5 minute shower.

Today the electric company left a voicemail saying that restoring power was a multi-day effort. (ya think? I was driving around & saw trees & power lines on top of residences)

Today I appreciated being able to drive in my jeep & feel a cool breeze, and take a walk & enjoy outside once it got a little cooler.

It's been a challenging two days.

If I had to be thankful for something today... I am thankful that it's not winter.