Insulin Overload Equals Shakiness?

I've been sick for the last week (low-grade fever, mostly feeling fine minus the oscillating chills and overheating), and for the most part, I didn't think my BG noticed.

Tonight I hit 170 at the one-hour mark after dinner, which was probably from being sick and dehydrated rather than what I ate. About ten minutes later, I started getting shaky. My BG was fine--down to 134 (and the first time I re-tested and was 161, so I know it wasn't a mistake). The shakiness will not go away, even though I'm now at 105, at two hours.

There are two things I can think of. The first is that I dropped too fast, which is possible, but I don't usually get shaky from dropping fast. The second is an overload of insulin.

I don't know how that would make me shaky, but has this ever happened to anyone?

sometimes there are things we just can't explain.. it could have been insulin overload. I have felt like I was going to pass out and my bg was fine or felt fine and it was very low or high.. illness can spike you for sure at the oddest times... we never know what chemical reactions may be going on.

Guitar nut, I too find quick drops can make me really shaky and nervous.. Do you have a CGM? I do. though I do not use it everyday, when it IS connected to My MM 523 pump, a " double arrows down" means I am falling at a rate lower than I specified(I think I put my fall rate at 3.5 /minute.. Yes I do feel BLEHH when I am falling fast, and sometimes it takes a while to recoup to normal BG feelings. Unfortunately, just part of the game for diabetes managed by insulin. I have tried not to overbolus nor overcorrect for that very reason. : Makes me crabby and anxious and not at all productive.

God bless,
45 years type one
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For sure Brunetta.

I think "insulin overload" and "fast drop" are probably the same thing. Your BG spiked high, your body went, "Oh crap, need to release insulin!" Then you started dropping super fast, your body went, "Oh crap, need to put on the brakes!" So it put on the brakes, which includes counter-regulatory hormones like adrenaline, which make you shaky.

I find I get different symptoms for lows. Usually I don't get many symptoms at all (I just tested at dinner at 3.0 and felt a little low but fine for the most part). But sometimes I will feel very shaky even though I'm not that low. Sometimes, I'll test a few minutes later and find myself much lower than I originally was. I figure it's just my body fighting as hard as it can to bring my blood sugar back up. In my case, my body can't just get rid of the insulin, so most of the time counter-regulatory hormones alone still can't prevent a low. But in your case, your body can turn off insulin production in addition to releasing counter-regulatory hormones, and therefore you may be feeling a "low" that your body managed to prevent.

At least that that would be my theory. Hope you feel better soon! :)