Insulin Pens

my new endo likes the pens and so I’ve switched from the vials to the pens. Last night was my first night using the Lantus pen. I know that there’s not any difference between the pen and the vial, but I swear, this has got to be the most potent Lantus I’ve ever used. I have been in the 90’s all day long and only going up to the 140’s with meals. I woke up this morning and my sugar was 92 and I felt like I was hit by a train and pretty much have felt that way all day. I do have one vial of Lantus left and maybe should use that instead of the pen? I haven’t had an issue with the Novolog pen just the lantus one.

Am I crazy?

90’s sounds typical for me… I like to hover around 90-100 without food… if I bolus right I rarely see anything over 150. I wouldn’t worry much unless you find yourself in the 70’s often.

90’s and 100’s are a great place for your sugars to be. It may take some time for your body to get use to these numbers but this is a good thing. I get hungry when mine gets in the 90’s because I am not use to it yet. I am a pumper but use to be a pen user. I will adjust though.

Although you may not think so, it sounds like you’re doing better with the pens. Those are great numbers. Maybe you’re used to running higher so the lower numbers make you feel as if you’re hypo. I think it can take a week or two to adjust to the lower BG’s. I wish I could stay in the 90’s all day and never go above 140! It sounds like your Lantus dose is spot on. I’m like Sarah, I wouldn’t worry unless you were 70 or below frequently. If that happens then call your doctor because you may just need to dial the lantus back a unit or two.