Insulin pump available in India

My endo recommended me to go for Insulin pump due to uncontrolled A1C. Could anyone suggest me some good pump available at my location which is India(city Kolkata). I am young so operating any device won’t be any issue

Thanks guys for responses

Waiting for…

Your Endo should be able to provide you with the information that you need .


I am US based but frequently visit my office in Cochin (Kerala). I have bought many diabetic tools in India as they tend to be more available, better selection and much cheaper than the US. I believe the pump prices, however, were priced about the same as US so talk to your endo and see what both you and he are comfortable with.

@Nitin - As Don suggested, I’d urge you to ask your doctor for a list of manufacturers.

This 2017 article suggests Medtronic is the only pump supplier, but I’m always a touch sceptical about dated documents I read on the internet: