Insulin pump help!

I just got my third denial for the medtronic 530g enlite but they will cover the medtronic revel or the tslim. I have been back and fourth trying to decide. I need help!! Which one is better? I’ve met deductible so everything is a hundred percent paid for as of right now but that will end January 1st and start over so I need to order a pump as soon as possible and I can’t decide which one I really need some input

The T-slim does not seem to do well with apidra, but it's fine for Novolog and Humalog. I think they are still waiting to get the software ready to download data from the pump to your computer.

Pumps are a very personal decision. But, since you asked....I have been pumping with Medtronic/Minimed for 18 years. I have the Revel and I have been quite happy with it. I would give you this bit of advice.....most pumps have the same features. But what stands out for me regarding Minimed/Medtronic is their stellar customer service.

Good luck and I hope this helps


I am in the same boat as you. United Health Care has denied me twice for 530g. Their explanation, that pump model is still experimental because of the threshold feature. In reality is, they don't wont' to pay for because it is too expensive. So, I am tired of waiting. Talked to endo about going to plan B. Now waiting for the approval of the Revel. Hope to have the pump soon. Good Luck!

Some might disagree with me, but I don't think you can go wrong with Minimed. They are the most popular, and while they may not have the latest bells and whistles, they are very reliable and their service is top-notch. They have people on staff 24/7 who can help with anything, no leaving messages. I can't say I've heard the same from other pump manufacturers. Plus most insurance companies cover them without issue - sorry to hear the Enlite got denied, though...that is discouraging. Anyway, just my two cents.

I am going to start a t slim soon hopefully. So far, this is probably the only pump I"m willing to try because it doesn't allow large doses of insulin to be directly accessible to you due to using an insulin reservoir. You can set a maximum allowable bolus dose so you don't accidentally give yourself too large a bolus, you would have to override this to give yourself a larger bolus than your normal maximum. Each unit takes 30 seconds to dose, so if you make an error and realize it you can also stop the bolus before too a large dose is given.

Tslim is great!!! I love it! I started on it in September, my trainer came and said her happiest patients are tslim users, because she trains for all different types! It is a personal decision!! Minimed is the oldest company, but also the farthest behind in advancements when researching. I love the touchscreen feature, the staff is amazing, customer service is 24/7 always someone on the other end to help!! They extended my return policy of 30 days to 90 to ensure I was completely happy! They go above and beyond! I am so happy I made the choice to go with the tslim! Good luck with your decision, make a list of your top must haves, and the cons, see what looks best to you!

You mentioned the ENlite, so I am thinking you want the CGM option. I have a Dexcom4 (currently using an Animas Ping) and have found the Dexcom to be very accurate - which is the point. I've read more poor reviews of the minimed CGM than good reviews. I don't mind having two devices and get a lot of value from my Dexcom.

I have the Medtronic 523 & love it

I went through the same debate, and the Tandem t:slim was a pretty clear choice for me, and after two weeks I'm super happy with it. If possible, try to actually handle pumps at your doctor's office or through reps.

I've had the Medtronic 722 and 523 and have liked them a lot however I had to get a letter of medical necessity to get the Enlites with the 523 which is what I currently have. I'm not that keen on "threshold suspend" and prefer having my foot on my gas pedal to letting the machine run itself. My IRL tu buddy Phyl arranged for a Tslim salesman to meet us and our other buddy Wiffy recently to check out the TSlim and I was very impressed. I think they are both arranging to get them. I'm gun shy as I like the sensors so I guess I'd have to switch to Dexcom first, get the hang of it and make sure I have the feel for it and then might get the TSlim for the next round. At the same time, that will involve work, chores, appointments, who knows, maybe logging, etc. so I dunno. I liked the Tslim a lot though and would go for it immediately if it had an integrated CGM, which I guess may also be in the works? MEdtronic are solid but the Tslim is neat and had a few interesting features. If you input a combo bolus with elevated BG, it gives you the correction first and then makes the combo calculation on the carb input. This may be a fine point but makes sense to me. It also has very small increments. I have had very good success fine tuning things with what I have available now (e.g. 34 basal rates, to fake .7875U/ hour by splitting 1/2 hour of .775U with 1/2 hour of .8U...) so I wonder if more options and finer tuning might be even better?

Acidrock, I will be getting the T-Slim in the new year. One of the things that got me interested was John Walsh's involvement in the features for the T-Slim. And the pumpers group in San Diego (one of the few things I miss about living there) gave it a test run and didn't want to give them back! Like you, I like to keep MY foot on the gas pedal (great analogy).

I love my T-Slim. It has the highest resolution dosing available on the market at present time going down to the thousandths of a unit range and the touch interface makes for things taking less time and being much more straight forward for daily use.
Their customer service/support has been stellar both by phone and e-mail and they are always open to suggestions from patients that use their device.

On the other hand, I had nothing but issues with MedTronic. Both with the device itself and especially with their customer service, which was frankly put, the worst I have ever dealt with in any industry.
I am aware that it is a personal experience kind of thing, but the fact that they treated me so badly and refused to send me supplies with no notification or warning even though they already had full coverage from my insurance... well, I will just leave it at that.

I just decided on the Tslim and borrowed one for a few days to try before committing. I found it extremely easy to use. I'm a technologist and appreciated how well it was designed and thought through. IMHO, it makes the Medtronic gear look like what it is - designed in the last century! So far customer service has been extremely good. Good luck, whatever you choose!

That describes my experience with the t:slim so far perfectly.