Insulin pump & scuba

Hello- I’ve using a pump for a couple years now and been diving for close to 20 years. Up here in CT I often wear a drysuit for dives, which allows me to keep my infusion set in and dry during the dive. This is convenient especially doing multiple dives a day. We’ll be taking a warm water vacation for the first time in a couple years, and not sure how other people handle “wet” dives. Minimed says to change out an infusion set after contact w/salt water. What do youse do? I see DUI has a warm water drysuit, but I’m not sure if its worth spending a grand, but it would make things easy. We sometimes do 4-6 dives a day, so I don’t want to change the set out multiple times a day. Anyone switch back to shots for stuff like this. I’d prefer not to do this, but if necessary… Thanks for your thoughts, Mike