Insulin Pumps , Whats New on the arena?

Hello Every One,
I just want to share some interesting information on the web regarding new players on the market that are working on … or plan to offer new generation advanced insulin pumps:

The web sites are:


Flex ( Its and student design, very amazing)

And the well know player pump like the Omni pod The Solo

and the LIVA system… so any one So… Any coments ???

helping diabetes with innovative design
7137-14816767PicoSulinRevolutionaryminiatureinsulinpumpwithdirectPenfillCartridgeloading.pdf (321 KB)
7138-14818608FlexInsulinPump.pdf (1.11 MB)

surre :
Its and student design, very amazing (link from the “flex” site)
not pump related but still amazing!! I would volunteer for human testing!lol

Oh and I would love the LIVA with the touch screen PDM!

I mentioned the solo system on another web site and no one cared.
It seems better than the Omnipod, because the actual insulin cartridge can be removed and filled.
So you are not tossing a pod every three days.
They say the patch can be in the same place for a long time.
I havent heard of the other products, so will go look them up now…
OH, and I was sent a survey on an I phone like device just awhile back.
So, I suspect it will soon be that we have a pump with some sort of I Phone type parts to it.

Hi Christine, Very intererting the ink sensitivity to glucose levels in blood, hope it help to develop new and cheaper sensors some day, Iam not satisfied with the minimed blod glucose continuos sensors

me too :wink:

How you feel with the Omnipod ? What pump you use before the Omni ?

I like the concept of the Solo…especially the patch that stays in place:) I requested a mock-up to try on to get an idea of what it would feel like…I thought the Omnipod was too big and clunky…the smaller Solo may be a better option for me. I remember the post and think some folks had issues w/ the volume of insulin it could hold…not a problem for me…I load new reservoirs on the same site all the time:) Seems like Solo gets that and has acknowledged those sites can last longer than 3 days. Thanks for bringing it to my attention:)

There is a lengthy discussion of the Solo over on the OmniPod users group:…
The gist of it is that people are interested but generally skeptical. Reasons include:

  • The Solo has no built-in meter, meaning you have to carry 2 devices everywhere - a BIG turnoff for us OmniPod users who are used to the integrated meter.
  • The web site and video say nothing about it being waterproof, again a feature that OmniPod users are used to having.
  • The multiple-part system (detachable reservoir) is actually a drawback in practice; users want simplicity, but multiple pieces means more complexity. It also drives up manufacturing costs, and the cost is already one of the few criticisms of OmniPod.
  • The smaller size is very attractive, but Insulet has already confirmed that a new generation of pods will be 40% smaller and available in 2010. Oh, and they are already far along in integration with CGMS (2 different brands of CGMS, in fact); the Solo would be starting from scratch in that area and it’s probably too small to integrate a sub-cutaneous meter as it is right now.

As is pointed out in the discussion, OmniPod has already stated that they have researched and rejected every option that other pump manufacturers are known to be exploring. Of course they are trying to minimize interest in a competitor, but I also know that development of this kind of technology takes many, many years and they would not have gotten this far without looking at most of these options already.