Insulin Resistance

Yesterday was a horrible day. Woke up at 219. after breakfast was 268. took my correction, then at 11:44 was 182. I had some strawberries, bolused and 2 hrs later was 278. Changed my pod at 11:30, and sometimes I go high, and every time I do, I have a hard time getting down. So I not only took a correction at 4:00 (bg 282) I did a temp basal at 50% for 4 hours. Every time I’m high I have such a hard time coming down. Recently I asked the nurse practitioner that I see if this is insulin resistance and alls she told me was that I should have taken insulin by injection. Why? my pod is fine My numbers are great today. So, my question is can T1’s take T2’s meds for resistance? I’ve had D for 36 years in case that matters. But does any T1’s take insulin and oral meds?

Sounds more like a bad site, or you needed more insulin to overcome ketones from the high readings.

I have similar issues. It seems to take forever to come down. Sometimes I overcompensate, get low then over compensate for the low and I’m high again. I feel like I should know better, T1 for 28 years. My doctor says I have some resistance. I just looked at my pump and I take anywhere from 80 to 165 units a day. Sometimes I think it has to do with my pump site and scar tissue. It was taking so long to come done this past Sunday, just hanging around the high 300’s, low 400’s. I thought I might be in early stages of DKA. I went to the hospital urgent care, but by that time, it had started coming down and I actually had to eat for hypoglycemia, and there were no signs of DKA. I thought about oral meds traditionally used for T2, but the thought of adding medications when I’m already on a pump–ugh!

Do I understand correctly ?? quote " I did a temp basal at 50% for 4 hours. " ; why less insulin ?? …did you mean to type 150 % ( ie more ) ??. When I am high , I use an insulin needle to lower …it seems to come down faster for me , then by pump .Would it help when you change the pod to give just yourself a little pool of insulin , unless you have lots of IOB ??
And drink lots of H2O with a high …you may be dehydrated as well…I have read on Tu, that some type ones take metformin …yet I have also heard, that a true type one would not require metformin …we are all unique .

I actually added 50%…so instead of .55 an hour, I was getting .82 u. And I don’t go high every time I change, and even if it was bad absorption, since I wear it for 3 days, shouldn’t my sugars have been bad the day before? The fact that I changed my pod at 11:30 and didn’t reach 152 until 8:02 concerns me. This happens from time to time. Maybe next time I’ll try injecting.

I does sound like a bad site to me as well. I have had sites that worked well for 2 days and fail me on the third day. This is more than likely why the Nurse Practitioner told you you should have injected. The protocol when days are like this is usually to take a injection to bring the high down and change the Pod ASAP. I also find that when my blood sugars are running high like that (even in the abscence of ketones) I usually require more time and insulin than a normal high to get me back to where I need to be. There is the thought that large doses od insulin “pool” which makes it absorbed slower so this could be part of the cause.

Antonia , thanks for clearing my temp basal question up for me .Sometimes bad absorbtion happens for me after 2 days of a replaced infusion set, not necessarely immediately …however that has happened too . …a 28 year insulin user :frowning:

The longer I use a pump, the harder it is to find a good site. Do “pump vacations” help this problem? How long a vacation?

i go high when i am experimenting with new foods. i would rather go high (although it always makes me upset and frustrated) than go down to 50 and have to deal with the bounce back. i also become VERY insulin resistant when my BSs go high. i have to take several correction boluses just to get below 180. often, i think its my site that needs changing, or needing fresh insulin (i cant tell you how much good insulin i have chucked into the garbage and wasted) i redo the entire pump. OMG. sometimes this works, or at least seems to work. but i am totally neurotic about controlling my BSs. when i go above 300, i feel like i am getting the flu; its very uncomfortable.i dont bother using a temp basal unless i am sick. it gets over complicated and i dont feel i have enough control over how much insulin is actually on board and how much i will need to bring my sugars.