Insulin sensitive and time of Lantus injection

I was told by my endo that I am insulin sensitive. I know that an insulin resistant diabetic usually takes a higher dosage of insulin (maybe 40 or more units bolus). My current dosage (recently diagnosed) is typically about 1 to 2.5 Novolog and 3 to 4 Lantus at bedtime. Does insulin sensitive mean that my body doesn't produce insulin?

Has anyone had better BG numbers by injecting Lantus at a different time than bedtime? I'm wondering whether it could be more effective injected at a different time than bedtime. Would it work any better at dinnertime? late afternoon?

Being insulin sensitive just means that your body uses insulin effectively. Whether you are insulin or resistance means that you do not produce enough insulin. The difference is how much it takes.

I looked at you profile page and I see that you are not sure of your diabetes type. Being insulin sensitive and Type 2 is not the norm but it does happen. Your insulin doses look more like that of a T1 than it does a T2. If your doctor has not done the antibody testing to check for T1 I would push him or her to do so.

It is important to get a correct diagnosis because it will change the course of your treatment and it will have affect on what insurance may or may not be willing to pay for.