Insulin Sensitivity, Sedentary, And Junk Food

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not realize that if I am not active during the day there is going to be a lack of assistance from physical activity to support the transfer of sugar within the blood stream to the cells and therefore I am going to need more insulin than I would normally need because the body has become stagnant during the time that I've had no activity and if I allow myself to give into a state of being lazy and not supporting myself by eating junk food and food that I am aware are high in carbohydrates, I am going to need to inject more insulin for the food that I eat and that the body within this state is not going to be able to effectively use the carbohydrates within the cells and therefore I can then cause a mental state of instability wherein I can run through polarities at a very high rate and create a lot of friction within myself which can easily disrupt my ability to be here within breath and take directive of myself within my reality and direct myself within equality and oneness within breath because as the sugar sits within the cells and as I am not physically supporting myself in being active to use those sugars and bring it back here to the physical through/as physical exertion, the mind, through it being integrated into the physical, is able to use these sugars within my acceptance and allowance of myself within thinking and going through the polarities and become unstable within the physical application of myself within this reality not giving myself the best opportunity possible to ground myself here to stick to what is real: the physical and support all that is here within the physical as life

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not realize that as I decide to eat vegetables which have low to no carbohydrates, I take a breath in that moment and decide to stop the experience and want for something high within carbohydrates and calm myself down within the energy within the mind and become `more` stable than if I were to go and eat food that is high in carbohydrates, because as I make the decision to eat junk food and be lazy within that day I allow an experience to direct me - the want to experience some form of bliss or euphoria that is associated with high carbohydrates and high caloric foods (Suggest to watch "Your Brain On Porn" for more context) and within this want I allow the feeling and experience to direct me which clearly shows that is not the best thing for me to eat within that moment due to the high levels of insulin that I need to inject and the effort it takes afterward to bring the sugars back to a stable level, and in this I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not realize that this goes for all humans , only diabetics, because the only thing different between people with diabetes and people without diabetes is that people with diabetes have to manually inject the amount of insulin while people without diabetes cannot immediately see the consequence of their actions nor the possible damage that it is doing, because within that moment the pancreas is going on overdrive to produce that amount of insulin to keep the sugars at a stable, healthy level, while diabetics have the chance to immediately see the consequence of their actions by/as the amount of insulin that needs to be injected when one becomes lazy and decides to eat junk food, as most of us do on a weekly basis if not daily.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not consider that as I decide to consume high amounts of carbohydrates without physical activity to support the body in metabolizing the sugars that the body is going to be within a state of high fuel without the fuel being exerted causing the mind to then use this fuel for itself and it is an easy source for the mind to fuel itself as it is not being placed back into the physical through/as physical exertion and goes to the mind within energy

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not consider the food that I am eating and the amount of energy that is going to be received into the body from consuming that amount of food and whether or not I will be effectively utilizing that energy within the physical by/as physical exertion of the energy but to simply consume food because of an experience or a desire within the mind to feel something or get something out of the food which has shown to not effectively support the body within what is best for the body as the body and what is best for the body is not considered within the initial decision of what to eat - only the desire and want for that experience exists as the starting point for the decision of what to eat and thus allow myself to deliberately choose to not support the body within that moment because I had not considered the food and the relationship between the body and the consumption of food within equality and oneness

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not realize that the body and the mind are interconnected and as I eat from the mind, meaning I eat from a starting point of desire or a want of an experience, I will eat a lot of food that the body will need to digest and transform into energy so that the mind is able to feed off of this, and this is able to quickly lead to instability within the mind and within the physical as shown by/through my consumption of sugar without effective proper direction of myself within the consumption of candy/sugar and my instability within the mind when/as I allow myself to continue along this path, wherein in one moment as I make the decision to eat for an experience, the experience I get from the food is never enough and I then allow myself to waste the day away in searching for more of that same experience or desire within consuming more, and within this allow myself to waste myself away as I then allow myself to participate within a plethora of mental activity that is useless when I look at it in self honesty - causing the mind to consume off of the physical as which can easily be seen by/as the relationship between money (energy) and resources (the body) and how we as humanity use the resources to turn into money which is an illusion and how we use the body to consume resources and turn it into thoughts (energy) which in self honesty is useless

I commit myself to further investigating the relationship between the physical and the mind and how my decision within how I choose to live my life have consequences on how and what goes on within the mental state of myself and to within investigating this find what is best support for the body and mind within direction of the point of consumption of resources within specific scenarios such as sitting in front of the computer all day or being physically active the whole day

I commit myself to showing how the relationship between the mind and the physical is greatly over looked and how we are able to make the choice to support ourselves within the physical and support what is best for the physical and how this greatly assists in supporting the mind to become stable and have us be the direction of ourselves within life instead of an experience or desire for energy direct us

I commit myself to eating food that have no to low carbs when I have days where I sit in front of the computer all day without activity and investigate within those moments the relationship between myself and the mind and if and how I am effective at directing myself within the physical reality to support what is best for all as the starting point for eating food that have no to very low carbs is a point of consideration of what the physical body is able to handle within a state of inactivity

Thank you for posting this, I find it very interesting. I will re-read and digest further. I too have found that the experience of food is not enough, still looking for something to fill the void. Prayer, meditation perhaps. Gardening for me comes close as does music at times.