Insulin stacking with CGMS

I love diabetes technology and have my insulin pump and CGMS and meter that talks to the pump and online programs to graph out data and see where my insulin needs to be tweeked but I am becoming guilty of insulin stacking all because of all the info I have. for instance if my sugar is over 150 I take a bolus of course I check with my meter and don’t just rely on my CGM as it is just another tool to help me get the insulin right. but I will watch the CGM like a hawk if my BG is high and if the BG does not come down with in 30 mins or so I will dose again because I want tight control. When I catch myself doing this then I stop but if not then I end up low. I know this is due to the constant reminder of my sugars and need to just slow my roll and let the insulin do its thing I mean honestly my A1C was good before the CGM it was 6.1 and with it it is about 5.8 or so but it is like I have to be between the magic numbers to make me happy you know? is anyone else guilty of this?