Insulin Time Switch

I currently take my Lantus Inuslin 2100/9 at nite.

Next Monday i begin working second shift (3 to 11). I want to swtich my insulin time to say 9 AM.

So…how should I work this switch…If I do 9 one nite and then 9 the next morning it is 12 rather than 24 hours…


If you take Lantus once daily then you don’t need to do any time switch. Keep your current schedule. Lantus has a flat profile with a very small peak occuring somewhere around 18-21 hours after injection and runs a little longer than 24 hours. You do not gain any advantage by switching your Lantus to another time.

Let me give some detail: I am a paramedic and never know if I will have time to take insulin, sleep etc.

So I want to switch from the 9 at nite so I can take it in the morning.

What you might do is take half a dose before you switch, then half a dose the day you first do the second shift, then resume your new schedule at a full dose - 9am each day. You might get elevated BGs the evening you first take half your usual dose, and the second half of the day of your shift, but won’t overlap too much insulin.

You should confirm with someone at your doctors office, to be sure.

I do this type of switch often, but usually for changing time zones.

How I do it is I start days in advance and I move the insulin injection to 2-3 hours earlier each day. I am sure to check often for lows. So one first day, take it around 7pm, on the second day, 5pm, one the third day 3pm, until you get to the time you want. If you need to make the change in fewer days, then you can move 3-4 hours each day, but REALLY check often so you don’t go low. You may also consider reducing your Lantus by 1 unit during this change to help prevent the lows .

When you do this, you really need to check your blood sugar often since you are taking the Lantus every 20-22 hours.

But I did this switch multiple times and it worked well for me.

Best wishes!