Insulin treatment and organised exercise

This can be a concern to anyone who's on insulin so I'm posting in general..

I've been on insulin for 4 months now and I've decided to get in shape, so I joined a yoga club.. I've tried one class of very intense exercise before and didn't specifically state that I'm diabetic.. I just gulped down one shot of that liquid glucose thingy when I started feeling low and joined back in, nobody even noticed..
But this time, since it's aerial yoga and hammocks are involved I guessed it's more difficult/noticable and even more dangerous.. So I told the teacher.. She was visibly displeased and expressed great concern.. Said she has bad experience with unhealthy people (epilepsy.. heart problems.. people fainting and such). I tried to reassure her a bit, but not sure it worked..

How do you deal with such things? How do you SURELY 100% prevent hypos while exercising? I don't want to be a burden to anyone.. But still want to (and think I'm able to) enjoy things like that..

Hi Krisa,

Are you on a basal insulin? Maybe you can try lowering the dose on the days you exercise. I know they say it won't take affect for 3 days but for me it seemed to work when I lowered the dose before extended exercise. Another thing I did on mdi was to raise my bg before exercise with protein and fat and a little carbs and then let it drop, taking more glucose if I needed it. I don't think there is any way to 100% prevent them unfortunately, If there were I would do it for sure!

I recently shoveled snow for a few hours after a snow storm and even on a pump with basal reductions I had to stop and eat a meal and prevent lows, change rates. I got to eat one whole low carb meal with no bolus and my bg stayed low end the next day until last night when It spiked again. Next time I may try to shut off basal although I'm worried about totally shutting it off. I have done 0% temp rate for 15 minutes when treating a low though which worked well.

I try to really make it sound like not a big deal. I also fudge it a bit and tell them I've had this since I was a baby, so it's really no big deal. For what ever reason, that makes people more comfortable than "I've had this since I was a teenager." For these occasions I have to remember my goal isn't to educate them/make them understand, but to let them know and (hopefully) show them they can relax.

As far as surely preventing hypos, I used to try to run a little high before yoga. Otherwise, I would just test and treat. Of course, I've never done any aerial yoga, but I think that's what I would do. Try to not take any fast acting insulin for a few hours before hand and eat a bit about 30 min before.

Anyway, tl;dr you know yourself better than she does, and I believe that if you think you can do it, you probably can. Be smart about taking insulin before hand and you should be fine. :)

thank you both!

My sugars are relative predictable, so I do some combination of reducing my basal insulin a few hours in advance (I’m on a pump, but was on MDI until two months ago) and raising my blood sugar to give myself a buffer. There’s no such thing as 100 percent prevention of hypos, but that’s not necessary to actively participating in a range of activities. Just be mindful of taking appropriate care of yourself. And don’t make a big deal of it to others, if anything downplay it. My two cents, anyway.

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