Insulin Treatment Not Last Resort for Type 2 Diabetics

Taking insulin to treat Type 2 diabetes has often been seen as a negative, with many scared that taking the shots is an indication of severely declining health. However, a recent study from the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center shows that many of the traditional fears associated with taking insulin are simply not true. Check out the article from Diabetes News Hound here.
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I am very glad to have gone on a basal insulin for my Type 2.

I am concerned about the long term side effects of the pills for T2 diabetes. I have been off the Actos for 3 weeks now with out my BG rising and I have managed to get rid of my 9 month old headache, which I suspect was caused from the Actos or the Actos/Januvia combination I was on. In a few more weeks I will be taking myself off of the Januvia. Hopefully a basal insulin is all I’ll need!

My endo is not happy with me, she wants me to continue with all of my meds, her only reasoning is your numbers look good. Well, my numbers still look good! One pill down and 1 to go…

Samantha I am down to metformin only and I have been on a very low dose. Excercise seems to be helping out a lot. I had the headache that would never go away with Januvia. Its been 3 or so months since I stopped taking Januvia. I dont understand why docs wont let you go on insulin. The stomach problems these pills cause are insane. When I was on insulin I never had these problems that the pills caused. No side effects. Now these days I would be more scared of side effects than needles. I wanted to go to insulin but my general practioner did not want me to try it again and my endo just pushed more pills. Needless to say I no longer see my endo. I am looking forward to the end of the year because my original endo group is covered under the new plan. They seem to be more knowledgable on treating t2 with insulin.

I am a T2 I had the notion for years that insulin was a last resort. How wrong I was. I was afraid with insulin I would have great weight gain like I had heard and read. I have an apple shape and didn’t want more weight.
I never had good control with just pills. Never could get a fasting below 120. On Actos, I had the congestive heart failure symptoms. I had to change docs to get changes.
My present doc tried me on other pills. Still no good results.
I am now on Lantus as basal; Humolog mealtime plus sliding scale and Metformin. I have had great results and feel I am in better control than with just pills. Have not gained weight due to watching carbs even more careful so not to have to take much sliding scale.
'wish I had started insulin years ago.