Insulin Vial, 1923

Bottle of insulin with beige label printed in black and red rubber stopper
Author: Connaught Medical Research Laboratories
Place/Date: Toronto : Connaught Medical Research Laboratories, Nov 5 1923
Physical Description: 1 bottle 5.0 x 3.0 cm.
Scope and Content: Item is a 5cc glass bottle. The insulin is from Lab. No. 257-4, dated November 5 1923. The label on the front of the bottle reads: ‘Insulin 10 units - 5 c.c. vial. 10 units per c.c. Connaught Laboratories. University of Toronto’. According to the Connaught anti-toxin laboratories filling records for insulin this bottle was filled November 1, 1923.
Collection: Connaught
Digital ID: B10001
Location: Aventis Pasteur Limited Archives. Insulin Vials, Box 1
Source of Title: Title based on content of item.
Subject: Insulin - Early manufacture


that is a U10, which I have to admit I did not knwo was commercially available super cool.


I think it’s safe to say that the insulin in that bottle is denatured! :wink:

Wonder what price it would fetch on eBay…