Insulin with EVERYTHING you eat?

That is amazing! Like they say on TV…test don’t quess. And just when i think i have food and my body figured out, some other variable changes. Sometimes i think i can predict the weather by watching my BGs.

You go girl! I get a lot from hearing the experience of others. Likewise, sharing my my experience helps me deal with this disease.

Now I’m hungry for bacon.

i stopped doing alot of stuff since i started working 3rd shift. But i did notice exercise made me take LESS insulin.

what do they call somebody who has to much insulin? Wouldn’t they be in the “diabetic” umbrella…?

Diabetes is so different for everyone. I take insulin to cover carbohydrates only. And I’ve found over the years, that all carbs are not equal. I take less insulin to cover the carbs in pasta, for instance, than I do to cover the same amount of carbs in stuffing. Some carbs, like cabbage or broccoli or other veg I can almost get away with no insulin at all. You get to know how your body is going to react to certain foods over time.

I know! It really is. Everyone’s body reacts differently with the foods they eat.

I also have to dose for eggs/protein…switched to omelets for breakfast a while back and was saying hello to/protesting the upper 200’s afterwards. Now back on instant oatmeal and my I/C is just fine.

Here’s some interesting, relevant reading.

The Chinese Restaurant Effect

Protein Converts To Carbohydrates!

Those are great links–thanks!

As a pumper I bolus for any meal / snack that contains carbohydrates.

a protein, however I let my basal on my pump cover.

I’ve been low carbing for the past several months. It has made me realize that large meals require a couple of units or more plus whatever else. I now bolus for protein too, about 50% teh value of carbs and spread over a couple of hours if I can.

I eat low carb, too. Knew 50-58% of protein turned to carbs, but I didn’t know exactly how to figure it until I read the info on the link you sent. I’ve also increased protein to gain weight, so this is really helpful. Thanks!

My niece does not need to bolus for most veggies (except high carb ones like corn) or any protein or snack that does not have carbohydrate, even high fat no or very low carb. But eating high fat with carbs can be problematic for her. I can see that that may not be true for everyone. You will have to see how your body reacts. I would err on the side of caution at first.

I have very few free foods–celery, cabbage…but everything else I add insulin for–how much and over how long–has been more of a trail and error game. But taking samll amountsf or non carb foods prevents chasing lingering highs with even more insulin for me

One definately has to use their meter to find out how they work. Your Mileage may Vary (YMMV)!

You don’t need insulin if the food has no or little carbs.

Anything over 7g carbs I take some insulin. 1 unit per 15 carbs is my ratio generally (1:20 from 6 am to 11 am). Easier to handle when you’re on the pump.


I bolus every time I eat, with the sole exception being lunch meat. I usually just eat turkey and I have found that it doesn’t negatively affect my blood sugar after ward. Anything else will bring up my blood sugar, if only a little bit. So I have found that it is better to take a half unit or even a unit to offset it. :slight_smile:

Carbs in food are not the entire problem. Even if you eat something without carbs, like a big steak, you will still need to inject fast acting insulin to cover the body’s digestion.

This is ABSOLUTELY so and the reason why high proteins and high fat meals can lead to high blood sugars hours (typically more than 3 hours) after the meal.

I have posted on the Pumping Our Insulin group in a topic dealing with the Dual Bolus (that is how it’s called in the Minimed pump) the way to deal with these kinds of meals: