InsuLine: Using Heat to Speed Insulin Absorption

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This isn’t really news. It’s been observed by countless people that insulin appears to work more quickly in hot weather. I have often taken advantage of a hot bath to speed things up, and according to my meter, it works.

I often crawl in a microwave and hit 6 minutes on high then get my wife to press start. I notice when I do that my insulin acts faster. In addition to my insulin acting faster, I feel magically transformed into a bacon sandwich.

It works every time.


Recently went looking for a new microwave and was flabbergasted when I saw an oven large enough for a large child to fit inside! What on earth is edible and so large that needs to be microwaved??? I was hoping for 1 cubic ft. :astonished:

Too long of a shower at too hot of a temperature can lower my blood sugar about 40 points

I get inside them Sheepdog. I mean what is left of me minus the parts that have been cooked to a crisp of course.

It raises mine