Insulin's Affect on Emotions and Mood

Awhile back I read a brief statement online somewhere that basically said that since insulin is a hormone it can have an effect on your emotions or how you react to things. I hadn’t heard this before. But can someone share any information they may have about this? Fascinating if it’s true.

Different hormones do loads of different things. Hormones cause hair growth, mood swings, menopause (actually a collection of wonderful things cause by a wonderful collection of hormones). Puberty, too. Too much insulin can lead to a hypo, one symptom of which is a crappy mood, but the mood is not due to the insulin itself. Besides, even if insulin did affect mood, you wouldn’t be distinguishable from anyone else, as everyone has insulin whether they inject it, pump it, inhale it or make it themselves.

Ah I see. So it’s kind of like the person who wrote that original statement was trying to use insulin as an excuse for their bad attitude lol.

Since insulin directly affects sugar levels, and sugar levels certainly affect emotions then there is a direct link, whether insulin levels affect other processes I don’t know but it would not surprise me.

I’m very sensitive to the mood effects of female hormones, to the point where I can get severe mood disturbances from too much flax oils!

But I’ve never noticed any mood changes due to insulin.

Blood sugar swings are notorious for causing changes in personality, though, so I throw my vote in with THEM as being the culprit, not the insulin itself.

I also agree that BG fluctuations can send moods all over the place. I’ve wondered whether insulin itself can make a difference too, but I doubt it. In saying that, I do know that the various hormones in our bodies can follow suit if one is stuffed up. Our insulins are (so we’re told) the same as what we’d have if our own pancreas made it, so I guess if insulin is stuffing our moods it can only be from too much / too little / bad timing and general human error.

It would be tricky to pinpoint where emotional changes come from though - just think about all the things that can have an effect on us! Weather, diet, sleep, illness, medications, financial changes, memories, family & friends & general relationships, what the guy on the corner of the street was wearing, the colour your paint your bedroom, where the mirror is placed in the bathroom, the mood someone else is in, how your pets are feeling & acting, etc etc etc! If insulin does make a difference then it’ll darn well just have to join the queue, 'coz there’s enough going on already.

I think insulin affects our moods indirectly by changing our bg values. My moods are very much influenced by my bg - to such an extent that sometimes I even wonder WHO I REALLY AM? Once I have fixed the bg level, I often remain emotional! This makes me wonder if what I think is a result of my personality or my my diabetes. I don’t like this one bit!

I will jump on the band wagon on this one. Insulin regulates your BG level and your BG can effect your mood. Therefore, insulin indirectly effects your mood. I know that my mood is effected by a low BG level (my wife can definitely attest to that) If I have an episode at night (when asleep) and my wife tried to get me to test or eat something, I am an ■■■ to here… Sorry Honey!

I began using Lantus Opticlick insulin for about 2 weeks. After those 2 weeks, My mood changed. I was horribly dark, moody and crabby. I actually found myself wanting to start an argument with someone-not good! When I started with Lantus, I was using 10 ml a day. I cut it to 5 ml a day, which removed the crabby feeling, but it still made me a little depressed. Now I try to manage without it by just dieting. I feel better but managing diabetes thru a diet is hard. My doctor didn’t have any answers so I am going to another doc.

I think you may be missing a point here. Yes we are all subject to insulin use and varying degrees of production etc even if not diabetic BUT the insulin we inject is synthetic OR came from animals so it is not necessarily comapring like with like at all. AND it is a powerful hormone and all of it’s effects will vary according to your metabolism and the type of insulin you are using. I have been using Humulin 500 which is a conecentrate unlicensed in the UK so far, and the affect on my moods has been profound. Even the consultnant is unable to tell me just how this concentrate works in place of a long acting or basal bolus regime so there is uncertainlty about it’s side effects. having taken it for nine months I can tell you, and my wife and kids will tell you too, that it has affected my mood. I find my mind struggles to concentrate for long periods, that I am prone to feeling ‘down and depressed’ and that I do not have the mental energy to do what I was capable of a year ago. Of course I can only say what my own experience is and so if you challenge me I can only say that this has been my experience and I have been diabetic for 35 years and I know my own body and mind very well indeed. If nothing else, then it stimulates the debate, but I hope it adds another dimension or view on just how insulin can affect things other than sugar levels as indeed is well documented !!

a small adjustment to what you said… the insulin that you take is not the same as the stuff your body makes. humalog switches the last two amino acids in the chain to make them individual chains. in human insulin the insulin chains stick together in groups of six and then have to break down. this releases something into you body called c-peptide. as a diabeteic you and i have little or no c-peptide. this stuff is being researched as an anti-aging agent or something like that, but most insulin manufacturers are very leary about adding c-peptide to the insulin because it then has to be resubmitted to the fda. therein lies your hormonal differences

AHHH, I was waiting for this to come up, thanks Lev.

waiting for which? the bad stuff about the fda, or the good stuff about c peptide? i was asking my doctor about it the other day, she said that there is a lot in the air about releasing a c peptide suplimental injection, which would really stink to have to double our injections, but i would still do it. i guess that they are now tying c peptide to cardiovascular health, nerve function, and a trigger for your petuitary gland. that takes care of the three major issues that diabeteics have… interesting. they do not want to add it to insulin because a huge percentage of their market is folks with type 2 and they already have to much c peptide kicking around any way…