Insurance advice - 2 kinds of strips

I just picked up the iBG Star meter for my son, and we’re thinking he will use it when he’s on field trips, at friends’ houses, possibly at high school next year, etc. He generally uses his Ping meter/remote at home and will continue to use his Onetouch Ultra Mini when he’s hiking, on backpacking trips and to keep in his gym bag for basketball practice. The iBGStar has to be recharged, so it’s not practical for him to take on long backpacking trips or to keep in his gym bag where he leaves a meter all the time.

My question - how can I talk my insurance company into paying for 2 different types of strips since we’d like to continue using 2 different meters for different purposes. Any thoughts or have any of you already successfully fought this battle?


I use Edgepark for my test strips and I think that I could get different brands as long as the total matched the prescription from my doctor. When I switched my strips from Contour to One Touch, I was not required to get a new prescription. They told me just to order what I wanted.

Since I tend to go crazy when I compare the results from meters of different brands, I always use the same brand of strips although I might use a different model of meter.

My insurance allows for 90 strips per month. I use more so I pay for them. No matter what brand. I just get my doc to write the scripts. It shouldn't matter to them.

I always use 2 types of meters
one for daily use the Accu-Chek Avivia combo.
And the Accu-Chek Mobile when I walk long distances.
my insurance does not mind, it only counts the number of strips per month.