Insurance App Fail

So, I’m applying for Long Term Care insurance and I have to answer the “Diabetes Questionnaire.”

Clearly this form has not been revised for 20 or more years, because it included the following three questions (I'm paraphrasing.)

- Do you test your urine for glucose?

- How often do you test your urine for glucose?

- If your blood has been tested for glucose, give the dates and results of the last three tests.


Can we get it more backwards? The clear implication of these questions is that urine testing is more prevalent than blood testing. When's the last time someone in this country used a urine test for glucose? Me - never. I was just diagnosed eight years ago. Dates of last blood test? Today, today and . . . let's see . . . oh, yeah. Today!

Of course I told the agent that the questionnaire was out of date, fairly impossible to answer, and probably useless for underwriting purposes, but he gamely had to try to get it filled out anyway. That's the tool they gave him. He was pretty clueless about diabetes, too, assuming that since I was Type I I'd had it since birth. When I explained that I'd been diagnosed relatively recently, he was amazed that I'd been undiagnosed for the preceding 46 years. It took a little explaining. So it goes, as Billy Pilgrim would say.

I'm kind of hoping the underwriting people call me 'with questions' so I can set them straight. I suppose I'll write them a letter today, just for the hell of it.

Maybe I should have blogged this instead.

Wow… terrible. :confused: