Insurance Forces Price Hikes!

Lately, I have been exploreing the possibility of purchasing a CGMS out of pocket, and sofar, the Dexcom 7 was the closest to “affordable”. The glitch is the battery is not replaceable by the “owner”. Since the transmitter costs less than $20 to manufacture and the battery is estimated to last 500 days it looks like $400 for a new battery whenn it dies. Outrageous!
Yesterday, I had a discussion with the local Dexcom rep. He informed me before dexcom signed up with the insurance providers a starter kit could me purchased for $300 cash. This was as recent as March, '08. now that insurance companies are invloved, Dexcom is “forced” to double the prices. The initial cost for a Dexcom 7 is about $900.
What gives? Using a conservative number for the population of the us and 5% for diabetics, if these people bought a pump and CGMS a company stands with a profit of 60 billion dollars. !!!
Don’t get me wrong. I strongly believe a company should be rewarded for bringing new better products to market, but there are limits to “resonable” profits.

I am about ready to put on my crusader hat and confront the greedy companies.


You go!!!

And while you are it, how about tackling the test strip manufacturers? 4 cents to make them and over a dollar at retail? Not too bad, as long as you are on the receiving end of the money, instead of the paying end.