I am upset. I went to Walgreens to see if my insurance authorized my Freestyle strips, the pharmacy tech said the insurance will not pay for new strips until June 19th. My insurance I love it because I don’t have copay’s and pharamacy benefits are great, but Tricare can be a pain in the BUTT sometimes. How in the heck can I properly use the OmniPod PDA w/o freestyle strips…STUPID people come on!!! If I had the strength to call and cuss them out I would, but I am home w/ my daughter she is sick. I can not stress this enough…all future POD users please make sure you are using the freestyle meter before you use the Omnipod; so you won’t have to carry 2 meters like me. I am chalking it up as another lesson learned…

Be Blessed

Cherise - When you have a chance, contact Tricare and see if they can make an to their formulary (if your strips fall under your Rx benefit, they may be able to do this). Also, make sure that your doc writes you a prescription for enough strips for a 30 day supply (based on how many times you test a day) so that you don’t run out. Insurance is frustrating…I know! Many times though, it is just geting connected to the right people with your insurance and they can help out. You make a good point though for people to confirm if their insurance will cover certain testing strips.
Hope you can work it out!

  • Kim

I was upset about the whole strip thing but I have a buddy who is sending me some strips for the PDA. When one door shuts another one opens. I guess, I really don’t have anything to complain about because Tricare wil cover the Freestyle strips; in a month…I am a little inpatient at times…lol talk yo you later…

Oh good! Glad you are able to get some! So many hoops to jump, huh?
Have a good one!