Insurance Horror? Live dont die for your country

It doesn’t do well to serve your country when it comes to health insurance if you’re below poverty level. What I mean is : we have medicaid for our children and Tricare for the “servicemember and spouse.” I took my daughter for a dr appt to discover that the office will take the Tricare; but not the medicaid as a secondary insurance. So, because I couldnt afford the co-pay for Tricare… we had to walk out the door without her being seen. We might as well not have any insurance at all. That is how the insurance works.The “state” wont back our military members or family. We can die for you; but we are not allowed to live a healthy life WITH you.

WOW! That is shocking. I have NEVER had a co-pay for myself or my kids with Tricare-can you switch to Prime? That is RIDICULOUS!! One perk of military life is no co-pays in doc offices and very low co-pays on rx’s. I am hoping this is not a reoccuring problem!!