Insurance is making me change insulin and test strips.... Your opinions please!

If I submit a prior authorization I can get the Freestyle, but its $75 a month instead of $15 for One Touch. I don't mind carrying around the tiny one touch mini meter also to save about $700 a year.

For what it is worth. A bit more than a year ago I received a notice from my insurance company that unless the strips were an integral part of an insulin pump, they would only cover strips from Abbott (Freestyle, Lite, Insulinx)and they would impose a limit of no more than 206 strips per month. At the time I was using a OneTouch and was really pissed off that the insurance company hadn't even bothered to ask my opinion. As a result of my anger I now have :
1. A dedicated CDE at the insurance company with a direct line
2. A dexcom G4 cgms
3. A dedicated mail order pharmacy rep with a direct email when I need prescriptions refilled.
4. A prescription for 1100 freestyle strips per 90 day period.
5. An omnipod insulin pump system and novolog insulin.
6. Membership in TuD where I have learned more about taking care of myself than I did in 37 years of D.
I understand that PWD put an extreme financial load on an insurance company. But a well controlled PWD is far less costly than a PWD who is not in control and control is achieved through constantly monitoring blood sugars levels. At least they haven't imposed a limit yet.
In retrospect that letter from the insurance company may have been the best thing that ever happened to me. And the freestyle strips use way less blood than the OneTouch.
Your endo can most likely write you a letter and get an exclusion. Mine tried to do that with the strips but it was to no avail but yours may be more successful. Same with the insulin. My insurance company doesn't seem to have any issues with any of the fast actings. I used to use Humalog until I realized it lasts far too long for me, so I am now using novolog and I like how it works in the pod.