Insurance Surprise!

Imagine my surprise tonight to find a check in the mail from my insurance company! After they told me “no” for the CGM, I went ahead and got it anyway, and Dexcom helped me file it with my insurance. I had assumed the “no” was to everything regarding the cgm, but evidently they will pay 80% of the supplies. It’s not actually 80% though, because like the problem I have ordering from Animas, they are looked at as “out-of-service area” by my insurance, so they actually pay it at a lower percentage. Whoohoo though, that’s the most expensive part with Dexcom, and something is definitely better than nothing. I’m glad I filed it with my insurance, as I almost didn’t until Dexcom told me that I should.

Great news! Any payment is better than no payment… :slight_smile:

Great,I am still fighting with my insurance company just to get a pump.

My little “sussy!”