Insurance Woes

There are a lot of things to be concerned about when you are first diagnosed with diabetes. I had googled so much that I seemed to know statistics by hand. The best advice my doctor ever gave me was, "stop googling, don't expect to be a statistic, expect to live your life". It's still hard though when they check your feet for nerve function at 21. But despite all these fears it wasn't my biggest concern. In fact, the only thought and fear I had was the big one, INSURANCE. My life suddenly flashed before my eyes and the economical burden I had suddenly become to my family. What might my child have to sacrifice just for me to stay alive. It sounds crazy, because it is crazy. But that doesn't discount the fact that it is true. I recently lost health insurance and am currently living out my fear. I know this won't last forever but I also know that it will, because it will always be something I endure. You say never reuse needles, never skip checking your blood....but the fact remains, what if you have no choice? At $2.50 per strip you better believe I handle them as gold. And let's not forget that one vial of insulin is $100.00 which wouldn't even last a month. Yes, diabetes is manageable but it's costly, time consuming and always exhausting when you are doing everything you can to "manage" it but your body doesn't respond. It's definitely time to start changing things in the world of insurance and diabetes.
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Stephanie, I have a suggestion for you.

Go to Walmart, they have a meter they sell for $9 and the test strips are around $40 for 100. That can knock the cost down a lot.

Also, if you are on insulin and can use regular R and N, walmart also has a insulin that is much cheaper that the stuff from Nova or Lily (actually…it is made by one of them and walmart just rebrands it as ReliOn). Last time I got any it was $36 a vial when the real stuff was over $100.

Sometimes walmart is a good thing.