After reading a discussion posted by Sara about the difficulties she is having with pharmacies and her medications, I decided to bad mouth a local chain store pharmacy. It appears that my insurance does not reimburse this pharmacy enough money. Due to this, the pharmacy does not honor my insurance card. At last count I have 9 different prescriptions that need to be filled on a regular basis.

I guess I do not understand how other pharmacies will honor my insurance (even a small non-chain store type) and this pharmacy will not. The pharmacy that I now go to is a small locally owned grocery plus pharmacy store. I get wonderful service at this new store. The only problem I have is the selection of over the counter stuff is pretty small. I am finding that I still need to go to the first pharmacy for these items. I am not real happy that I still give some of my money to the old place. But there is not real much else I can do about it.

One other interesting part of this is that my insurance company covers a lot of school districts in Wisconsin. So the question on a lot of people’s minds is: Does Walgreens really not like public school teachers?