I’m trying to find some company that will write health insurance for me. Is it illegal for me not to disclose my diabetes? I’ve looked into Humana One and BCBS and they aren’t asking a lot of questions at this point…

I’m not wanting to lie about anything, just avoid the truth. Do insurance companies research potential policy holders?

Yes, very illegal… you can probably get on a group plan without much issue, but a private policy will be just about impossible to find.

Even if it weren’t illegal the first time you tried to fill prescriptions for diabetic related supplies/medicines they would question it immediately and drop you. Even if they somehow let all that slip by them and never questioned it (impossible but for argument’s sake) they would eventually and them make you pay for everything they covered over that time.

Insurance companies have made HIV patients reimburse them for four years worth of drugs because the patient “refused to die.”

It’s called fraudulent. And the insurance company will drop you and report your name to their exchange where there is a list of people who tried to obtain insurance fraudulently. They’re pretty specific. You can be on a large employer’s policy. The rest forms part of the basis for health care reform.