Insuring your Dexcom against a loss?

Hi all - has anyone insured their Dexcom for a loss? If so, did you use your homeowners policy to do it?

My Dex is not insured against loss.

I wanted to use a service (I think offered on Ebay) called Square Trade but they wont cover medical devices.

I added it to my homeowners policy along with my pump. Not sure exactly what i pay, but not much.

Thanks David - sounds like the way to go.

Does this include leaving it somewhere?

I called Dexcom to see what a replacement unit would cost me. They responded that if my unit was within the one year warranty then a replacement receiver would cost me about $300. It think they said $295 or $299.

At that level of risk I decided to “self-insure” and just pay the $300 if I lose the receiver. I’m hoping that future receivers will be designed to survive a short dunk in water.


Thanks much