Interaction between Symlin and Thyroid Med "Cytomel" (T3)?

I’m currently taking 50mcg of Cytomel (pure T3) a day to help with my Reverse T3 problem. That’s where T4, which normally converts into the metabolically active T3 (helps regulate weight and temperature), instead converts into the inert Reverse T3, thereby substantially slowing down the metabolism.

I’ll be adding Symlin in a week, using the pens my Endo gave me. This is to hopefully treat my severe Leptin Resistance – which was the root cause of my thyroid problems. I’m not diabetic, nor will I be taking insulin with the Symlin.

Does anyone here know if there is an interaction between Symlin and Cytomel that would prevent my taking them concurrently? I hope not, because I’d hate to trade one metabolic problem for another. What I hope is that by taking the Symlin, I will have increased Leptin Sensitivity. Once Leptin is finally able to reach my brain again, it will then (again, hopefully) signal the thyroid to convert T4 to T3, because it will no longer believe I’m starving. As it does now.

Thanks for any help or advise on this – and have a Very Merry Christmas! :slight_smile:


i have taiken symlin for 2 years & cytomel for about 2 years also. i have not had any side effects. not sure what it is supposed to do. i dont understand all that medical jargon you used. so did you try it?? how did it work??