Hi there,

I’m new to all of this and was recently diagnosed and started on a mixture of meds. Metformin, gliclazide, antorvastatin, and most recently candesartan. I’ve had my numbers pretty balanced(around 6)for the past two months but since starting the candesartan I haven’t been able to keep it below 8…frustrating since I haven’t changed my diet.

Are you referring to A1C or fasting?

My fasting is coming up between 8-9 and I haven’t had my three month AIC done yet and started on the candesartan after my last one which was just under 7.

In US, that would be 144-162. I am T1, and not familiar with candesartan.

Hopefully someone can help that is familiar. You could edit your title to include the drug name.

But certainly something you should discuss with doctor.

Welcome to the group, MicheleG.
Candesartan definition here.

I would ask my pharmacist if this BP drug would affect my Blood sugar. I am not sure why it would. And welcome to the group. Nancy50