Interesting Day

Interesting Day

I have not had a very eventful but a sort of interesting day for various reasons. Some are detailed below:

1. I got up feeling awful, I know it is all about the Rheumatoid Arthritis I have a bit of flare going on and wow when that happens I just feel awful first thing in the morning. So did what all Americans should be able to do when they feel that rotten I went back to bed. I know not a monumental decision but it suited me fine for the place and time. I set my alarm for 9:00 AM and when it rang I honestly thought I was in a war zone. I was fiddling with my phone last night and obviously changed the ringer and it scared me half to death when the thing erupted.

I suppose a person should get use to their own incompetence with technology as we get more removed from its intended target age, but I have to admit hearing Alice Cooping shouting “I’m 18 and I just don’t know what I want” a lyric from a song I placed on my phone scared the heck out of me. I think at first, I am not 18 I do know I want, (more sleep obviously) and this strange noise is distributing it. Upon finding myself and sitting up, I noticed my little dog seemed to understand my confusion and immediate reaction. After all instead of sleeping on her bed which is the last place I remembered her she had scampered off and was in the great room next to her chew toy. Probably a wise move if you think Alice is 18 and he does not know what he wants.

The phone alarm has been changed.

2. So upon rising I found I had the wrong antibiotic available to go to the dentist. It is not that I didn’t have the right one at one time, rather that I now had the wrong one, because Etrick2 came around the doctor told me to take the Amoxicillian (the dentist had prescribed) until I could get in to see her the next day. Well Etrick2 was solved and I had not been wise enough to get the Amoxicillian refilled. What I did have was a variant of Amoxicillian which the doctor gave me and later me took me off of and reported that I would likely be able to use for the dentist. Sort of a replacement dose if you will.

Well at any rate I had not checked with the dentist so I called (yes I know I am supposed to take it one hour before the appointment) and I asked the dentist how much of this replacement to take. Well he had to figure it out so he consulted his books and diagrams and charts and told me to take 3 of the new tablets.

Now properly prescribed, I had a full 1 hour to get ready to find and take Samantha out and change my set. Samantha my dog must have been shell shocked by Alice because she had hidden herself in a place I never did find but when and only when that I started “I’m 18” did she come flying out. I suspect she might have seen a picture of Alice somewhere and of course that would be enough to scare most any little dog. I did track her down and I completed my dentist appointment without further issues.

3. Upon arrival home I met my neighbor who lives alone and I know had recently returned from a trip this winter. I asked how things were and if she enjoyed the trip when she asked that most dreaded of questions. Do I know anything about diabetes? Well of course she knows full well I do and so I said well a little and that started the urgent conversation.

It seems a friend of hers is a bad diabetic ( I have no idea what that means) and she wondered what she could do to straighten her out. Frankly I hate conversations like this and so I relied on my old standby. The thing the doctor told me which was “when she is sick and tired of feeling sick and tired she will take better care of herself”. This barely offered a speed bump in her litany of woe about her friend’s unhealthy habits.

I do not like to judge people, particularly those I have never met and hope to never meet but who may get my advice to change to their lives. So I went to the heart of the matter and struck my final fallback position. I said those issues are really between your friend and their doctor.

Once again this barely slowed the train so I went to my final, final before I say I have to pee and thus leave immediately position, when I said I do not like to judge other diabetics. This was of little consequence for the neighbor who asked if I would talk to her friend on behalf of good health. When I opened my mouth to say I need to pee, something else came out. Instead of I need to pee, I said it is really none of my business.

In fact it is not any of my business but this stopped her. Well she said. Perhaps if you and she talked my neighbor asked? I offered a TUDiabetes .org card and of course my name for any questions, and that seemed to offer a lifeline for me to exit.

Besides, I really did have to pee. Or was it put the towels in the dryer I forget which, hmm maybe both in this case. I honestly don’t remember besides, I am sure Samantha was wondering where I was. So as I entered the door I yelled Samantha, Alice is here and started blaring “I’m 18” from my telephone. Poor Samantha :).



oh rick you're more than funny you're hahaha & lol

I think I am glad I am not your little dog. Although I have to admit that my little Renae, who has acute hearing, has to put up with me having my music and tv on far too loud.

♫Don't always know what I'm talkin' about feels like I'm livin' in the middle of d
'cause I'm eighteen I get confused every day eighteen I just don't know what to say eighteen I gotta get away♬

:) lol thanks Rick!