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I usually eat around 150g per day on days I don’t lift. But I also tend to get a fair bit of exercise, in general.


Thanks for the recipe ideas, that Keto spaghetti looks good which I’ve seen and thought would be a delicious trade in for wheat noodles (which are the devil).

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@Jim_in_Calgary Maybe you can help me with this…

I’ve been out of the hospital for a week following four days on the keto diet and then four days getting seriously ill with a stomach bug compounded by dehydration (a typical thing that happens to me and has sent me into DKA before).

After I started feeling better, I have wanted little to do with anything we ate leading up to getting sick. I also know that my numbers were awesome during that time. Hubby and I have just started talking again about what our next move is. He doesn’t feel like full on keto is good for me and puts me in a compromised position when faced with illness, dehydration, etc. We have talked about seeing a diabetic dietician - which I have before, just never one I liked. We also talked about just restricting carbs - say, a 100 g/day, which seems to be a good compromise between eating whatever I want and what we were eating on keto.

Thoughts, anyone? Help us make our next life choice :wink:


Anything to reduce carb intake helps BG swings (Highs and Lows). I suppose if I were going to choose groups of carbs to exclude, the first to go would be refined grains (any sort of bread, including crackers and cereals) as well as all pasta’s and high glycemic index foods such as rice. Another one would be the starches such as potatoes. Limit your intake of fruits.

Hope this helps!


Keto flu possibly? I personally eat 100 grams a day (it’s hard for me to go lower on the 670). If you need support pm me, so glad you’re taking control of your health and wanting to find answers.

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We mentioned that several times to the doctor, but there is no way. My husband and then my mom (not keto) both caught it, but on a much smaller scale.

Thanks. I am also on the 670. We are trying to get my IR down to where my high risk OBGYN is comfortable with me getting pregnant.

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You might like to look at the Mastering Diabetes website. This is the eating plan I switched to after 11 yrs on 30 carbs a day. Now I eat plenty of fruit, vegetables, oat grouts, potatoes, lentils, legumes, rice etc.
Fat is limited to 15% of calories.

I have followed this way of eating for 2 1/2 yrs. I have been a type 1 for 60 yrs. No working beta cells. I take 23 units of insulin and eat 300 carbs a day. The woe greatly increases insulin sensitivity. I also exercise an hour a day.

There are several pregnant women who are on the forum.
Oh I also lost weight on this eating plan.

The two guys who run this are both extremely healthy type 1’s. One has a doctorate from Berkeley in Nutritional Biochemistry and an undergraduate degree from Stanford in Mechanical Engineering.

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May I ask how and if this improved your A1C? Please don’t feel obligated to share.


Elysian, my Alc on very low carb went from 4.7 to 5.1 over the years. Most folks going into the Mastering Diabetes program have higher A1c’s than I did and their A1c’s fall on this program. My recent A1c’s have been from 5.3 to 5.5. I am willing to settle for this.


Wow you have found an excellent program for you! My A1C is finally down to to the low 6’s but I’m curious to find anything that would make it even lower. I think stress has a lot to do with my numbers, I try to stay active at least three times a week as well but sometimes that gives me even more trouble if I over exert.


How does one ask privately? My badges show group messaging, but I do not see any PM options. I have seen some messages uploaded to the board and did not know if that was optional or automatic.

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click icon next to post. choose “Message”

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Thanks will try - Was not sure that would keep message private.


The important formula seem to be “fat>carbs” (balance protein), where you eat less carbs, while having more fat, to allow the body to burn fat than glycogen. This is a bit tough for a lot of people, yes including me, since you eat less food, with fat and protein making you full longer.

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Jim, can you explain what you mean by “it no longer works”. Do you mean u can’t lose weight on the diet mentioned? I’f so, I’m not understanding how one can’t lose weight by eating only those foods.


@Dave44 - What I was referring to ("… no longer works") was a couple of the food groups referenced i.e. fruits and certain (starchy) vegetables.

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ah. got it. I’m able to easily lose weight if I avoid all the white foods, basically.

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I was never hungry while eating very low carb. I am never hungry eating plant based and low fat either. I also lost 10 lbs when I switched to low fat plant based eating.

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@Marilyn6 I’m convinced that you are a superhero. :wink: What I love about low carb is the anxiety it takes away from counting and trying to give the correct amount of insulin. I’ve learned that most times my hormones greatly control how my body reacts to insulin so for you to be able to eat those healthy carbs and do so well I must say I’m convinced you’re Wonder Woman.

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