Interesting read on the ketogenic diet


I’d also like to note that upon considering to go Paleo or vegan I almost went the vegan route as I’ve read incredible Type 1 success stories with this plan as well.

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Even on keto, The best T1 stories come from pre-pubescent kids and post menopausal women. Other than that, some need to plot the moon phase as well. To keep up with hormone swings.


I haven’t ventured to keto, although not opposed to trying it, but I can say that my A1C dropped dramatically after first cutting out wheat, then dropped even further on Paleo. It takes dedication but I do believe you can have great success even if you’re not a child or post menopausal with a system that provides results for you.

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Sorry, i didn’t mean to suggest that any of the low carb diets are not as promoted. It was to say hormones are another variable in BG


@jack16 they certainly are a major factor. Thanks for your input!