Interface cable details (hardware)?

Looking from the outside, both the One Touch meters and the Freestyle meters have a 3.5mm phone jack dataport interface. Does anyone know if the hardware is identical for the two meter families?

I’m not sure what you’re asking.

Do you want to know if the cable from one meter can be used to connect the other meter to its own software?

You could just try, it’s really unlikely to break anything.


Hi !

I don’t know about OT and Freestyle, but Ascensia/Bayer and OT are not interexchangable… They look the same, but they don’t work with other one…


This is kind of an old thread and I don’t know if you’ve found the answer you’re looking for. In my industry I often see devices with RS232 interfaces using a 3.5 mm connector. The 3.5mm to 9-pin pinout is generally as follows: Tip = Pin 2, Ring = Pin 3 and Sleeve = Pin 5.