Intermittent Fasting and Dawn Phenomenon, how do you make it work?

no offense, as i'm sure you were trying to help. but type 1's can't eat 20 grams of carbs w/out insulin. also, cereal alone is a nightmare for most T1's, even with a ton of insulin and before bed would probably equal a disaster with a capital D, i.e., Andrea..'please don't try this at home.' :)

I can verify that this phenomena occurs with me, quite reliably. Can'r speak for anyone else.

BG starts to head up every morning 3:30-4:00am. It seems utterly resistant to insulin -- well, not totally, but truckloads of the stuff are not able to "control" the elevated BG.

If I completely fast, I'll fight elevated BG all morning, until (surprise surprise!) I eat lunch.

If I have even a small breakfast (a banana, or a tiny Yopa Greek Yoghurt 17g carb, one egg and a piece of bacon, etc. you get the picture) BG starts to drop and I'm back in the 80's, under control, within 60-90 minutes.

My understanding is this has to do with hormone signaling by the gut to the liver, alerting that new fuel is coming on board. The liver then backs off it's glycogenolysis.

This works no matter what you eat. 0 carb high-protein high-fat (like bacon and eggs) works beautifully, and no bolus necessary...

Oh, bedtime snacking definitely "fills the barrel" for DP. The later, the worse it is.

If I indulge and snack a bit really late -- like midnight -- DP is much worse. Doesn't matter if I properly bolus with the snack. That just get's the liver's glycogen stores topped off. Then, with all that stored sugar available, my liver goes to town in the early hours.

And then, if I don't eat, I get in the circular loop of insulin driven glycogenesis, glycogenolysis, BG staying stubbornly high, insulin seeming to do almost nothing (when it is actually working, driving glycogenesis furiously, it's just that the liver thinks it needs to continue dumping glucose as well).

Eating stops half this vicious cycle, and sugars come down.

This can be your answer about DP. These combo is very dangerous for my fasting BG, fat and nuts, they take forever to digest at night for me.

I am a huge fan of IF and I just up my temp basal when IF if needed and also reduce my temp basal as needed to be able to not break my fast.

Lil Mama, I know we have discussed this before. But can you tell me your IF plan?

How much higher is your temp basal when you need it, and what is your feeding/fasting time?


Since I already ate breakfast today (trying to stop my DP)..but want to do IF..should I fast from noon today to noon tomorrow? How will that affect my night time bgs, I would think I might drop low but due to high fat meals (salad with olive oil, macadamia nuts, cheese)....I may be running high during my 24 hour fast?

boy that sure describes what my liver was doing to level of 238 each and every morning.

Initially, I had to walk 2 miles to burn that dam glucose out of there. Later on; found the metformin doses shuts that off when dose of metformin in blood is high enough. Also standard met only lasts at dose 1 to 3 hours so I would take dose at 10:00 pm and one at 12:00 am midnight and that holds livers butt nailed to floor and stops any high volume glucose add by liver. The liver keep alive glucose level - low level always seems on and metformin does not disrupt that. This approach would keep liver corralled from 12:30 am through 5:00am. Time from ingestion of dose to blood stream max dose level on each ingestion is 2.5 hours on my body.