Interview with Terry Gregg, CEO of Dexcom, Inc. (December 2014)

I don't recall any earth shattering news being revealed in this interview, but figured I would post the links for those who might be interested. If nothing else it gives a small peek into Dexcom's corporate culture and their relationship with the FDA.

The interview is in two parts. Each part also has a link to the other, but I have also posted to link to each part below.

How Dexcom Plans To Eliminate The Finger-Stick (And Bring CGM To The Masses)
Terry Gregg interview part 1

Terry Gregg interview part 2

Thanks for posting. BTW, Dexcom has announced that "Kevin Sayer Assumes Role of President and Chief Executive Officer; Terry Gregg Transitions to Role of Executive Chairman"

Thank you. Very interesting interview.

Exciting advances and really cool to see how Dexcom keeps pushing the envelope.

Very interesting.. thanks for the post.

I found the comments at the end of Part 2 quite encouraging toward coverage for CGMS from Medicare, and mention of a foundation to help current seniors.

Frankly, what I found interesting, mostly because I wasn't thinking in that direction, was the speculation about using CGM with non-diabetic, but obese patients.

Before starting on CGM I would have found this much less credible. But I have to admit that actually watching my SG go up, down, and around, tends to make me less likely to binge eat. It doesn't completely stop me. But it helps limit it.

Why that makes a difference, I can't quite explain. Something about having the direct feedback apparently can ... so far ... make a difference in my behavior. (I wonder if it will last?)

Thank you for sharing this interview. It does give an interesting look into how the FDA is changing how it works with Medical Device companies and how the entire industry is in somewhat of an explosion of innovation that we have not seen before.
Mr. Gregg’s comments does make it appear that it is not Dexcom that is reluctant to partner with insulin pump companies; that any delay or hesitation to unify with Omnipod would be with Insulet themselves.

What does SG stand for? Contextually I can see that you meant blood glucose but I'm scratching my head over SG.

"SG" is the acronym Medtronic uses in their training materials for "Sensor Glucose" to differentiate it from BG or Blood Glucose. It's the glucose value calculated from the data from a CGM (Continuous Glucose Monitor) sensor.

You need to distinguish between the two because, especially in the case of Medtronic, the Sensor Glucose can differ from the BG by a lot. One works hard to avoid that if possible, but it can & does happen. (Even with the Dexcom ;-).

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