Interview With The 9 Year Old

I posted this on my blog , and Manny suggested I put it here, too.

I wanted to try something a little different, and thought "what better way to get to know someone than with an interview"?

Noah thinks of himself as somewhat of a celebrity, so I'll do my best Barbara Walters impersonation. LOL

Mom:How long have you had diabetes?
Noah: Since I was 6.

Mom: How did you feel when you got diagnosed?
Noah: I got pretty worried.

Mom: How many times a day do you test?
Noah: About 9.

Mom: What activities do you like?
Noah: kick ball, swimming, jump rope, street chalk, playing at the park, arts and crafts, dodgeball, etc.

Mom: What kinds of hobbies do you have?
Noah: I study whales, play with Legos, play with the cat- that's pretty much it.

Mom: What are some of your favorite foods?
Noah: Some of my favorite foods would be pizza, cake, carrots, broccoli, ice cream, candies, sausages, cheeseburgers, hot dogs, bacon, eggs, etc.

Mom: What would you like to be when you grow up?
Noah: I would like to be a cartoonist.

Mom: How do you feel when you're low?
Noah: queasy, shaky, weak and sweaty.

Mom: What advice would you give to other kids with diabetes?
Noah: I would tell them to always test when they're supposed to, if you feel low, tell an adult. Share your feelings about diabetes with your family or friends to feel better.

Mom: When there is a cure, what is the first thing you will do?
Noah: Celebrate and be happy!!

awww, that’s cute. (:

Very cute! Thanks for sharing that. :slight_smile: