Intresting Issues

I thought i was really on my way back to getting things on track. I am still working hard at dealing with my hypoglycemia unawareness and supposed to be getting my diabetic alert dog soon. this is the website for my fund raiser for my diabetic alert dog Gus. I have been working non stop on all these issues and feeling like i am accomplishing so much. Then i decided to go out and have some fun. I have not been going out as much do to me passing out occasionally. I was so pleased i was going out.

I got invited to go to Austin’s big music festive. Austin City limits on Sunday i was so excited i got to see Foo Fighters, Fly leaf, Blues traveler’s, Kevin Fowler, Gnarl’s Barkley, and many more. I was going with my good friend Becky for a great day out in Austin. I had a great time and was out standing and walking around for 7 or more hours. I found out today i might have either tendentious from my old stress fracture injury from a year ago or might have a new issue with stress fractures in my ankles again. I can’t believe i could have stress fractures from just standing and walking around. My last stress fractures was a total of five stress fractures in both my ankles and was in air cast boots for five months. I was running when my first injury happened. I have not run at all since my first injury.

I am so very frustrated as i have to wear these boots for two week and then come back and see if i have to have an MRI for both my ankles. I was diagnosed with osteopenia this march after i insisted they check my bone density. I really wish my favorite podiatrist was not on maternity leave would make things so much easier. I guess that is life. I just wish i could figure out why i keep getting stress fractures in my ankles and what i can do to prevent them.

I am beginning to see that no matter how long someone has lived with this disease there is no comfort zone, no sustained level of normalcy that one can sit back and really feel that they are in complete control. Even though you are going through a tough time, it seems to me that you are on top of it and you’re on your way to getting past another detour on the road of life.

Tarra, Sorry you are dealing with this. I have read where they do believe this condition is more likely to affect diabetics. Something about the bone cells being absorbed into the body faster than they can reproduce. I’m going to insist on a bone density test too. Take care…-Dena