So I guess I never posted a proper introduction, so here goes. I have been diabetic since 1992, but diabetes is not what defines me! I am a mother of 4 children, married for 19 years! I have been teaching middle school for 13 years and coaching HS volleyball for 16. I don’t let diabetes get me down. To me, attitude is everything! Don’t get me wrong, I’m not thrilled about it, but I figure it is something I can live with and have a certain amount of control over. My prayers has always been for the Lord to use my disease for His good, and so far, so good. I considered myself a healthy, active person before (I was diagnosed at 26), but now I say I am healthier than most 40 somethings I know, despite the diabetes. My family is healthier because of it too. I guess they should thank me…just kidding!

I have been on the pump for around 11 years now. One of the main benefits I love about being on the pump is that life in my home doesn’t revolve around me anymore (now life centers around the 2 three-year olds!). The flexibility of the pump is something I’m not sure I’d trade for a million dollars. Hmmmm…any offers out there???