My name is Becky Fischer. My diagnoses of diabetes was back in 1972 since then I have been on multiple shots and now am on my second insulin pump, a Cozmo. My CDE is suggesting the OomniPod especially since they have a great Go ahead, ‘cut the cord’ pricing right now.

My husband and I have two grown children, one a Chemistry Professor at a small university in the midwest and the other a computer jock (took after his Dad) working in Austin. And to think that all those years ago we were told that I may not be able have children because of the diabetes. Don’t believe everything you hear…

I own a small embroidery shop that I operate of our my home. Today I am embroidering a 4" tall “H” on two purses for a customer. She plans on putting ‘bling’ on the “H”, should look great when it is all done

Thank you to everyone who has welcomed me.



Welcome Becky!!! Nope don’t belive everything the dr says. I took Type 1 in 73 and they told me the samething now I have a 21 year old and a 20 year old with 3 grandchildren! See WE CAN DO MORE THAN THEY THOUGHT BACK THEN!!!

Becky, it’s nice to have you join. For a short while when I was first dxd I needed to test my urine for glucose and ketones. And then meters came along! It’s really awe inspiring to hear from you Ds who lived with D before testing came around. I think it’s a testament to your dedication to self care that you managed to carry the fight on practically in the dark, so to speak. Thanks for becoming part of this community. Virgil

Hi Becky,

Welcome! It’s rewarding proving gloom & doom doctors wrong. Good for you!

When you have time, please add a photo or something that will help identify you.

If you are looking into the OmniPod, Check out the OmniPod Users Group!