Introduction and question

Hi! My name is Jacqui and I am anomoly. I am a type 2 who uses a pump and starting on Friday I will be using a dexcom as well. Anyone else on here a type 2? My question is do you have any tips, tricks or suggestions for making this go smoothly? My training will be Friday afternoon with the educator/trainier. I have been pretty hesitant to do the dexcom because I have heard they are pretty unreliable. My diabetic doc really wants me on one because she thinks I will have better control with it than without. How often doyou test your blood sugar when using the dexcom? More or less than when you aren't using it?

I appreciate the help!


The goal of the Dexcom is to not have to test as often and be able to see what happens between the time that you would have tested. It's generally very accurate for seeing the trends. Lots of people will complain that it doesn't match perfectly with their meter, but it does have a slight delay because it's not measuring blood, and no two devices will show the same number all the time anyway. There are lots of tips and tricks people have written about in this group already, so you might find out a lot from reading prior discussions.

The Dexcom is actually quite reliable, it is much more so that the Medtronic cgm. The error rate is actually less than the meter you’re using to calibrate it. :slight_smile:

I’m a type 1, and I test 4-5 times a day. You could easily get away with only the twice a day calibration tests but I’m hoping for a pump and my insurance needs several months of 4x daily testing before you can get one.

The Dexcom is super easy to get used to. I actually didn’t have any training for mine, just YouTube videos and the instructional dvd it comes with.

You are not an anomoly! I too am a Type 2 pumper using Dexcom. The Dex is a TOOL to help you see trends and your BS patterns and not to replace doing finger sticks. I ALWAYS test prior to bolus. The Dexcom has helped me a lot, especially overnight as I tend to have the Dawn Phenomenon and it has allowed me to see what hour it starts creeping up and I can adjust my basal accordingly. Best of luck! As a type 2 we usually don't have the roller coasters as a Type 1 does with the BS, but that doesn't me we can't fine tune and tweak :) I sometimes don't feel my lows from time to time when I might overcorrect, and it has come in handy. Best of luck! I think that everyone who has a pump should to wear a CGM if they choose to, but I know the insurance world is not perfect :( Perhaps that will change in time.

Once you get comfortable with the Dexcom CGM you will find yourself doing way less finger sticks. It's surprisingly accurate.