Introduction of sorts

I was thrilled to find this place yesterday… Sometimes I wonder if my brain truly works. I run a social networking site just for genealogists (which is my passion in life) and it never occurred to me to look for one for diabetics. I will cut me some slack though because I was only diagnosed a year and a half ago, and in some ways I still don’t think like a diabetic, if that makes sense lol

I’m almost 42, married for the 2nd time for almost 5 to THE most wonderful man in the world and I’m the mother of a 16 year old.

I was diagnosed because of a company health fair in 2008. I had quit smoking 3 months previous to that and started having a lot of problems… I thought they were all related to stopping smoking, they weren’t.

I’m one of those difficult diabetics, high numbers every single morning regardless of how much meds I’m on or what/when I eat, I cannot have any form of artificial sweetner as they cause migraines and I have hemochromatosis (which means my liver does not process all the iron I intake) So trying to figure a good diet is hell. Last year the doctors also diagnosed me with an insulinoma (a tumor in the pancreas that causes massive insulin dumps), which diabetics are not supposed to be able to get, problem is, its not big enough to see yet, so it cannot be removed yet, so I have to deal with my body producing way more of something that it already can’t process properly.

Ok, depressing stuff aside :slight_smile: I have my up and down days while I learn to deal with this and thankfully my family is a huge support system for me and my husband has the patience of Job!!

As I said earlier, my big passion in life is genealogy and it has been since I was 13 (so I learned to do research the old school way gasp before the internet existed. Because I love it so much, I run several genealogy sites to help others with their research because I cannot get enough doing my own lol.

Hubby and I also run a side business making massage candles, we have lots of fun with that since he gets to be the person all the new scents are tested on.

I look forward to continuing to learn about my disease and getting to know the members here!!


Thanks Devon!!

Welcome Shannon! I am glad you are here.

Great job of stepping up to the plate and introducing yourself Shannon. We are happy to have you here in our community where we all share a common thread. You will find lots of caring people in which you will benifit from. As we will also benifit from you.

Welcome Shannon!

Welcome Shannon !!

welcome! this is an awesome place for advice and support!
i would love to hear more about your massage candles :wink: lol and i have a question about geneology, too…can you email me?