Hello everyone my name Jeriel.I am new member and also have started my own network called Animal Lovers here on I have diabetes in my family. My grandfather had it and now my mother. Also on my father’s side it exists as well. Considering this what is said to be the likelihood of me inheriting diabetes? What are some of the signs and symptoms I should be aware of?

Hello :slight_smile:
Well first of all, don’t panic. I have a very big family and only two os us have got type 1 diabetes, so there isn’t a very big chance of you getting it.
But it’s always helpful to look out for symptoms whether for you or for other family members or friends, you never know, it could save a life.
So here goes, these are the kinda things that people noticed that I went through before I was diagnosed and they are also quite popular symptoms:

  1. Feeling lethargic alot of the time, being lazy/lazier than normal.
  2. Mood swings (they not always very pronounced, alot of the time sufferers won’t notice they are acting unusually)
  3. Extreme thirst (Not joking when I say extreme, your whole mouth is completly dry, and your tongue feels large and sticky)
  4. The dreaded munchies (you’ll feel very hungry alot of the time, even if you have just eaten)
  5. Reduced eye sight. (If you haven’t got amazing eye sight at the moment, then you will find it gets alot worse. I found though, that I didn’t get this all of the time.)
  6. Feeling faint, light headed.
  7. Feeling sick (stomach bug kind of thingg

hope that helps :slight_smile:

Obviously you don’t have to have all of them to be diabetic, the longer it goes unnoticed, the stronger the symnptoms become. But my advice is, any worries, just go straight to your local GP and get them to do a very simple test, nothing scray, they’ll just ask for a sample of your urine and test for keytones and high levels of sugar.

But hopefully you will never recognise these symptoms in you or any other friends or family :slight_smile:

thanks, that was very helpful. I just have to make sure that I do not think I have diabetes every time I feel lazy. lol

omg yes please don’t panic!! :stuck_out_tongue:
sometimes I feel lazy or grumpy and my friends make me test my sugar and I’m like no don’t worry I just don’t like Mondays :stuck_out_tongue: