I was diagnosed as a T1 (isn’t that what they called the first generation of terminators?) on Mar 12 2007 during a random urine test while I was pregnant and was put on a super restrictive diet until I gave birth. The year anniversary of this post is a total coincidence:) I remember being really scared for myself and my baby and hoping my Dr.s nutritionist could help me (I already had an endo because I’m lucky enough to have another auto-immune disorder….Grave’s disease.) I was told to eat canned fruit (because it was already portioned out) and hot dogs….seriously!? You want me to eat that? I had been a vegetarian for 15 years and was also pretty anti-processed food.
Since the birth of my healthy baby girl, I have gotten really into researching the big D and trying to figure out what works for me. I try to keep a positive attitude about it (there are many worse things we could have!) and a sense of humor. I did start eating meat…fortunately, I wasn’t trying to make a statement or anything…I was a teenager working in restaurants when I quit eating meat…enough said;)
Glad to be a member.

A positive attitude and sense of humour really does help!

Re hotdogs - it’s one of my deep, dark secrets. I secretly love hotdogs with melted cheese, saurkraut and corn relish - the longer and hotter the summer day, the bigger the craving!

Glad to hear that someone tries to be upbeat about it as I try to be :slight_smile: Keep it up!!!