My name, as you might have guessed from the title of the blog, is Dinesh and despite titling this blog 'Dinesh the Diabetic" I don't tend to bring up my diabetes at the earliest possible moment. I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes on November the 23rd 2008 and although it affects my everyday life, the majority of the people I meet don't notice, unless I whip out my injection and pump insulin into my flabby torso.

I'm currently in my 3rd year of studying Medical Physiology (which is essentially glorified human biology) at the University of Leicester and writing up my dissertation, which just so happens to be diabetes related. I'm pretty fascinated with endocrinology and especially diabetes. Some may say my fascination is slightly selfish, like maybe me focussing my time on diabetes only and not giving other diseases a chance is wrong, just because I have it. This is true. I may only be primarily interested in diabetes because I have it, but most people are naturally curious about themselves and people are learning about themselves everyday. My initial interest was to try and understand what the heck happened to my pancreas but this has flourished into a more general interest in science.

I've decided to start this blog to a) provide myself with a better pastime (other than watching youtube or masturbating) b) provide an insight to those who might be interested in the life of a type 1 diabetic, and most significantly c) use this as a platform to show any worried/concered/scared diabetics that its not all bad…. In fact, it can be pretty great! (whatever IT is)
As a keeno undergrad I will also try to look at scientific articles and provide an overview of the current research taking place in diabetes.

If you've happened to stumble upon this blog, somehow, through the limitless acres of procrastinate material found on the internet, please comment etc and I hope you like it.

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maybe you will be the one who finds a cure for diabetes

Thanks for the comment, I hope one day I can even contribute to helping finding a cure or maybe making lives easier for diabetics.

I like your deal with it and move on attitude Dinesh. You could be a great role model for other young people. I do not think it is selfish of you to learn more about your disease and to potentially help others with diabetes as well. Self knowledge is required to truly understand others. Best of luck and many blessings, amy

Wow, really kind words! Thank you very much, I hope I can be a decent role model and help others with their diabetes and one day contribute to the field. Best of luck to you too!
Kind Regards, Dinesh

I don't think you have to justify your interest in diabetes whether or not you happen to be personally involved. WHO THE HECK CARES about the why? You may be one heck of a smart contributor to the general world of diabetic life! In fact, I'd question any input from someone who didn't have a vested interest!! Who wants "just the facts, ma'am" from someone whose main interest was in, say, automotive engineering! Go for it and to heck with the tongue waggers!


Thanks for your words of support! I really should be less self-deprecating. I suppose I felt guilty about concentrating on one thing when there's such huge variety of things to study and help with, and that diabetes was my primary interest for a differing reason rather than the disease itself.
Kind Regards, Dinesh

thank you dinesh

you're welcome

to understand how your body works is very important