Hi all. My name is Patty and my son Dylan was diagnosed with celiac when he was 10. He was diagnosed at them same time he was diagnosed with diabetes. My oldest daughter was then diagnosed with celiac 2 years later and she now has celiac and hypothyroid. I have another daughter that has, so far, no autoimmune conditions.

It’s nice to mee you all.

Thanks for joining the group. I guess I am not the only one with an “autoimmune disease guinine pig”! I keep waiting the the thyroid…sad! :slight_smile: So far our youngest is fine, but he isn’t quite old enough to be tested for celiac yet.

Hiya :slight_smile: Just stumbled upon this group and thought I’d join you all.

I’m not celiac - at least, not officially (or maybe, “not yet”…) But my mother is gluten intolerant and I have noticed that I’m much better off without it. Actually, I wonder if maybe everyone is gluten intolerant to some degree since it’s an overused ingredient these days! My stepfather gave it up too and all of a sudden he’s cheerful - now that’s a shocker (he had such a grumpy nature - all that is GONE until he gives in and has a pie for lunch!)

I still occasionally eat some gluten, but I try to avoid it. At this stage I’m fine that way - I can eat anything and survive it. But surviving isn’t the same as being healthy! If I go a few days without gluten I’m so much brighter - everything from sleeping better to smiling more. Silly how I still let some into my diet… but I guess it’s harder to give up when you haven’t been ‘told’ to and have no official reason.

Anyhoo… just saying hi waves