IOB for Combo Bolus

Does anyone know how Animus pumps calculate IOB for a Combo bolus, does it take into account only the initial upfront bolus or does it gradually add in the rest given over the extended period??

When you look at Status2 screen which shows current IOB & last bolus it only shows the initial bolus amount. Status4 shows last combo bolus & how it is progressing but nothing about IOB.

I am just curious. My pump is a 1250 but I don’t think things like this have changed for the 2020 or Ping.

My observation has been that if I check IOB right after doing a combo, then the pump (correctly) only shows what I’ve just had delivered “up front”.

When I check IOB at the END of a combo bolus, it shows the remaining amount that was delivered over the extended bolus period. (None of my combo boluses have been longer than 3 hours, so I don’t know if the pump would accurately calculate IOB over an extremely long combo bolus).

My pump is a Ping…