Iphone-web apps

I have an iphone (1st genereation) and I love it! I don’t know how many people here use the iphone, I wanted to let you know there is a Application under Health and Nutrition called “Restaurant Nutrition” it list all of the carb, fact and calorie information for the major fast food chains. It works well and it beats carrying a book and searching the internet for carb info


There is a glucose-charter app as well!!

For those who don’t have an iphone or don’t have the app, any cell phone that can access WAP sites can also visit http://ccm.about.com and just enter the name of the food for almost instant access to the nutitional info (calories, carb,etc). Or just text the name of the food, ie: food muffin to HEALTH (432-584) for the same info.

Technology can be so cool!

wow!! I didn’t know you could text for nutrictional information!! thanks for the information I am going to have to try it…